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4 Cat Fishing Rod Holder

4 Cat Fishing Rod Holder


Our 4 cat rod holder is designed to hold over sized rods that don’t fit in conventional rod holders. We specifically designed the fishing rod holder so that your fishing rods will stay put, however you choose to mount it: vertically, horizontally, or even on the ceiling. We’ve designed the Cat rod holder so that you can break down your rod for easier storage and lower ceilings. Mounting holes are conveniently located at 16- and 24-inch intervals to align with conventional wall studs and ceiling joists. The rod holders can be located anywhere you see fit. Install them outdoors in all locations, weather conditions, and climates. Install them indoors in your boathouse, garage or cabin for a classy and organized look!


This holder is made from 70% recycled thermoset plastic. 


Easy to use design which doesn’t over crowd rods. Can be mounted outdoors in all locations and climates. UV, corrosion and salt resistant.


Hand made in Canada. 100% Recyclable at any 4R recycling depot.



75 cm or 29 1/2 inches 

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